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2024 Classes & Photowalks

Check out the classes & photowalks happening this summer!

SKIP COHEN – 7/29 @ 6:30PM (KEYNOTE GRAND B) ClickCon kicks off with a keynote by one our biggest fans, Skip Cohen. He’ll be presenting a fast-paced program, jam-packed with ideas to help you get the most out of ClickCon, your network and grow your business through ideas on partnerships, and new products/services you should be offering. Creating great images without a growing revenue stream is a hobby not a business! Skip’s got one goal – to help you thrive, not just survive and help make 2024 one of your best years yet. 

MATTHEW JORDAN SMITH – 7/30 @ 6:30PM (KEYNOTE GRAND B) Overcoming Shadows: Building Confidence and Conquering Imposter Syndrome in Photography: Join celebrity photographer, Matthew Jordan Smith, for an empowering session designed to resonate with every photographer who has ever doubted their skills or felt like an outsider in the world of photography. Overcoming Shadows is more than just a presentation—it’s a transformative experience that addresses the heart and soul of what it means to be a photographer. Whether you’re stepping into the studio unsure of your next shot, or hesitating to share your work with the world, this session is for you. We’ll delve deep into stories of doubt and how to overcome your fears and help you build unshakeable confidence. Discover how to harness your unique perspective, trust your creative instincts, and navigate the industry with a newfound sense of belonging. Through interactive exercises, personal stories, and expert guidance, you’ll learn how to silence the internal critic and embrace your identity as a capable and creative photographer. Let go of fear and embrace the journey of becoming the artist you are meant to be. This session will not only teach you how to overcome imposter syndrome but also inspire you to take bold steps forward in your photography career. Don’t let doubt hold you back—step into the light with confidence and claim your place behind the lens.

ALEX CALLEJO – 7/30 @ 9AM Fashion On A Photo Walk

CLAUDE JODOIN – 7/30 @ 9AM Mastering Available Light Indoors: Environmental Portraits Indoors, using light from windows, artificial lights, and on-camera flash Controlled with Mirrors, Reflectors, and Diffusers.

JENN BRUNO SMITH – 7/30 @ 9AM Boudoir Shooting to Sell: The 5K Posing Flow (All Levels): Join Jenn Bruno Smith, master boudoir photographer, in this Posing Masterclass where she unveils the power of flow posing—the key to shooting for sales success. Discover the nuances of boudoir posing for all body types and unlock the secrets to leveraging flow posing to reach a 6-figure sales average. Streamline your shooting process, maximize sales, and transform your approach to boudoir photography with this direct and impactful masterclass.

JUDY HOST – 7/30 @ 9AM Imaginative Storytelling Dance Concepts (All Levels): This class is for all photographers that would like to stand out from the crowd. “Think Different” as the Apple Ad of the 90’s preached. Good Art evokes strong emotions, both good and bad. Mediocre art moves no one and produces silence. My goal for the students who take my classes is to empower you and inspire you to create a unique portfolio of work you feel proud of. Give me a few hours of your time to change your perspective on how you too can create beautifully crafted and soulful imaginary. From using light, whether it be natural or studio as a signature for your brand, lens selection to capturing movement, creating double exposures in camera and dragging the shutter to create a blurred effect, you can change the look of your work, excite your clients and charge more money for your images. This class will be inside using constant lights so everyone can photograph. Sponsored By Robert’s Camera

KIATI PLOOKSAWASDI – 7/30 @ 9AM: Sculpting with Light – Boudoir Bodyscapes and Gels: Elevate your boudoir photography and join me on this journey to sculpt the body with light and gels. Learn to create intimate and dramatic images by mastering the use of colored gels and precise lighting techniques. Discover how to enhance the mood and add depth to your photos through strategic light placement and color manipulation. We will guide you on how to highlight the natural curves and contours of the body through strategic lighting techniques and colored gels and discover the art of crafting bodyscapes, where light and shadow play together to create stunning, sensual images. Through hands-on practice and expert guidance, you’ll develop the skills to create captivating and emotive boudoir images. This class is for all levels but the instructions will be suited for beginners to intermediate levels of photography. Please bring your camera, favorite lens and if you wish to bring your lights and triggers, please do so and I can show you how to use your lights in the sets we have set up during open shooting time.

SCOTT ROBERT LIM – 7/30 @ 9AM Photowalk: Wedding Portraits With An Edge: Add a new revenue stream and learn how to shoot wedding portraits just like a luxury wedding photographer. Tried and true techniques with minimal lighting but with high impact. Couple and bridal posing techniques to be emphasized and how to compliment with the right lighting. Scott will provide a hands-on approach to teaching, allowing participants to practice their skills with models and get immediate feedback. Sponsored By Godox

TONYA BOLTON – 7/30 @ 9AM Senior Portraits: Posing Your Clients to a $5K+ Portrait Order: Knowing how to pose a client is important in having so much variety they can’t leave with ALL of the images. That means more money for you. The more poses you know, the more images you sell. Posing tips and tricks to scoring over $5000 on every single senior photo shoot.

HENRY BATDELEG – 7/30 @ 2:30PM STEP BY STEP MIXED LIGHTING (All levels): During my class, I will show a variety of uses of mixed light Let’s consider the main features of the work with mixed light. Discuss the nuances of working with hard and soft light, Let’s talk how beautiful to have light on the face of the model. The concept of a soft pattern and spot lens. In the format of real shooting you can watch the fact that * How I work with constant light * what logic I am guided by making the lighting scheme * How to work with a model and team We will create a step by step spectacular pictures You will also have the opportunity to work with the model yourself and get my comments, so do not forget to bring a camera and Trigger (Godox Trigger) ✔️ Confidently work with studio equipment ✔️ Shoot with one, two, three or more light sources ✔️ Understand the logic of light ✔️ Build your own lighting schemes ✔️ Color everything with gels, RGB, Tubes ✔️ Use creative lighting solutions ✔️ Unlock the power of your camera ✔️ Conquer your studio lighting fears

JEFF GOLDBERG – 7/30 @ 2:30PM Make Your Images Epic with Dramatic Lighting (Intermediate): Sponsored by Evoto. Whether creating portraits in an amazing location or in an empty conference room, you can always make them epic by adding dramatic lighting. In this class, I will demonstrate how I approach creating interesting lighting in any environment and then will help you to create your own.

MATTHEW SUTHERLAND – 7/30 @ 2:30PM Trash the Dress, Episode 3! 3X as Messy! (All Levels): Sponsored By ShootPro24. Let’s Trash some Wedding Dresses!! We will have models in Wedding Dresses and Suits and we like to get em messy!! Whether it’s color powder, water, smoke bombs or cake fights, this year’s version promises to have several surprises and be at least three times as messy!! Sign up for this one quickly it is sure to fill up and no doubt will be a blast for all of the models and participants who dare to get messy with us!!

RICK FRIEDMAN – 7/30 @ 2:30PM Outdoor Environmental Portraits (Intermediate Level): This workshop teaches outdoor creative portraits, when you have no control over the natural light. Attendees will learn the use of strobes to overpower harsh shadow and bright sunlight to create natural looking portraits and wedding photographs. We will be using speed lights and battery operated portable studio strobes by Profoto and light modifiers to give us the desired effect. We will also be using reflectors and diffusers. We will also go into how to pose your subject to get the best portrait. These techniques will work, wether you are doing senior portraits, family portraits, corporate CEOs or wedding photographs.

SHAWN LEE – 7/30 @ 2:30PM The Business and Lighting of High School Seniors: Sponsored By Miller’s Photo Lab. Shawn loves to photograph high level High School Senior Portraits. It’s fun and it makes a lot of money. Learn Shawn’s approach to the business and learn how to capture stunning photographs using simple methods that you can add to your own workflow. Sponsored By Miller’s Photo Lab

SHERRY HAGERMAN – 7/30 @ 2:30PM Close your Wedding Sale: In this lecture course we will cover everything from consults to contracts for the wedding client. Volunteers will be pulled from the audience for a live consult demo.

SHAWN LEE – 7/31 @ 6:30PM The Power of Strong Storytelling Using Photography (Grand B): Sponsored By Miller’s Photo Lab. Shawn Lee’s vision on how he sees the world is evident in his approach to photography and his service to people. Shawn has grown and exploded his business by powerfully telling the stories of his clients through the execution of photography. Shawn will explain his approach to some of his best award winning photographs and talk about the journey to becoming a Godox Educator of Light. Learn what it will mean for your art and your business to creatively craft your photography to tell very strong stories. Sponsored By Miller’s Photo Lab

ARICA LIPP – 7/31 @ 9AM The Living Gallery: Immerse yourself in the world of art through photography with Arica’s inspired “Living Art” class. Discover how to capture the beauty and emotion of the subjects around you through the lens of your camera. This class will provide you with the opportunity to explore different techniques, perspectives, and compositions while drawing inspiration from the diverse range of “art pieces” on display. Learn how to use light, color, and texture to create stunning and meaningful photographs that reflect the essence of who people are. Whether you are a beginner looking to enhance your photography skills or a seasoned photographer seeking new inspiration, this class offers a unique and enriching experience that will ignite your creativity and passion for both art and photography. Join us and unleash your artistic vision!

JENN BRUNO SMITH – 7/31 @ 9AM 5K Boudoir Posing for Males (All Levels): Immerse yourself in the art of boudoir photography with master photographer Jenn Bruno Smith. In this Posing Masterclass, learn how to confidently shoot male and masculine-presenting bodies without the awkwardness. Jenn shares her process for intentional posing and teaches you how to navigate potential awkward situations with ease. Beyond just posing, discover the art of storytelling through effective direction. Elevate your photography skills to not only capture stunning images but also to sell effectively, aiming for a 5K average. Join us for a practical and transformative experience that will enhance your boudoir photography and boost your sales.

JOHN BRANCH IV – 7/31 @ 9AM Capturing & Creating Content to Grow Your Business: In this day and age video is king and can get your message across easier and wider than just photos. Adding video content to your business can help you grow in ways you never imagined. In this class we’ll review why video content is important and the impact it can make, gear and techniques to create your content as well as tools for editing and monetization. Sponsored By Fujifilm

MATTHEW JORDAN SMITH – 7/31 @ 9AM Mastering Continuous Lighting In Portrait Photography: In this hands-on session titled “Mastering Continuous Lighting in Portrait Photography,” participants will explore the dynamic world of continuous lighting and its applications in portrait photography. Designed for photographers of all levels, this class will cover essential techniques to enhance your portrait work using continuous light sources. What You Will Learn: Understanding Continuous Light: Gain a foundational understanding of continuous light versus strobe lighting, including the advantages and practical uses in portrait photography. Lighting Setups: Learn how to set up various lighting arrangements to achieve desired moods and effects, from soft, diffused lighting to dramatic, high-contrast portraits. Modifying Light: Explore how to use modifiers with continuous light to sculpt and control the light for flattering results. Camera Settings and Techniques: Adjust camera settings optimally for continuous lighting scenarios and explore techniques. Live Demonstrations and Practice: Participate in live demonstrations and practice sessions where you can apply what you’ve learned to create compelling portraits, with real-time feedback from your instructor, Matthew Jordan Smith. 

MATTHEW SUTHERLAND – 7/31 @ 9AM Epic Aerial Cinematography Shots – (All Levels): Sponsored By ShootPro 24. Matthew has been the resident aerial cinematographer for the last three years at ClickCon and he loves sharing his flying techniques as well as shot composition with flyers of all levels. If you have a Part 107 license, bring your drone and fly along with us. If you want to learn more about aerial cinematography, join us and peek over Matthew’s shoulder as he shows you the five most epic drone shots to make every flyer look like a pro.  

SCOTT ROBERT LIM – 7/31 @ 9AM Photowalk Environmental Fashion Portraiture: Learn how to shoot on location, creating professional, high-fashion looks with both natural light and also how to create big, soft light with strobes. A demonstration of how to quickly capture a variety looks depending on the environment and type of lighting used. Be prepared to experiment with hardlight, softlight, backlight, natural light, and come away with some real bangers for your portfolio. Sponsored By Godox

CLAUDE JODOIN – 7/31 @ 2:30PM Environmental Portraits Outdoors: Environmental Portraits Outdoors, using natural light controlled with Mirrors, Reflectros, Diffusers, with introduction to Subtractive Lighting Methods using black flat gobos, along with flash fill techniques.

HEATHER LARKIN – 7/31 @ 2:30PM Macro Photo Walk: Come with Heather through the city and gardens for a very zen photowalk and learn about easy ways to get better closeup photos with a macro lens. You’ll have an opportunity to watch Heather as she shares how to find critters or interesting flowers or even unique architectural items. This walk will cover things like shutter speed and aperture for close-up photos, plus macro photography composition, subject framing, and techniques for getting good focus and maybe even get into focus stacking. Heather will be teaching her methods on how to SLOW DOWN and see the world so many people miss. *Please be advised that while we strive to ensure easy access for all, due to the naturally varied topography, portions of any walk may be inaccessible to those with mobility concerns. Sponsored By Sigma

JOHN BRANCH IV – 7/31 @ 2:30PM Photowalk:Working with your Surroundings | creative photos no matter your location: Sponsored By FujiFilm. Staying creative no matter where you’re located is one of the hardest tasks for a photographer. That’s why in this photo walk we’ll talk about the creative process of using whatever you have in front of you to still get great results.

KIM ACKERMAN – 7/31 @ 2:30PM Posing for Boudoir: Posing do and don’ts for all shapes and sizes. I will also be teaching couples posing. Everyone, including the models, always walk away with something useful from my posing classes! I break it down and go over a lot of information. Afterwards you will get to use what you learn and direct the models in the hands on portion.

RICK FRIEDMAN – 7/31 @ 2:30PM Location Portrait Lighting, from Simple to Complex (All Levels): In my work I usually photograph my subject in their environment, what ever that may be. In this hands on location portrait lighting and posing workshop attendees will learn the art of posing and lighting your subject in any environment. They will learn how to quickly choose and light your location. The lighting will range from the use of a speed light on camera to multiple portable studio strobes. They will learn incorporating available light with strobes and mixing the latest in LED lighting with strobes. We will be using all types of light modifiers including soft boxes, octaboxes, grids, barn doors, reflectors and diffusers.

TONYA BOLTON – 7/31 @ 2:30PM 20 Marketing Secrets You Might Not Be Using: Getting more clients is how we bring in revenue. So, figuring out the different ways to do this will help us meet our income goals. I’m going to share 20 marketing ideas that a lot of photographers overlook. I’ll describe how I use these tips to bring in more clients PLUS instruct on how to build your reputation as the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER in town!  

JUDY HOST – 7/31 @ 2:30PM Fly Me to the Moon Photowalk (All Levels): a futuristic themed, high key, silver and white costumes for a very contemporary look. Completely wonky and fun posing for dancers of all types. Sponsored By Robert’s Camera

HEATHER LARKIN – 8/1 @ 9AM Newborn Demo: Join SIGMA and Heather Larkin for a newborn wrapping and posing demo where Heather will show how to get the cutest newborn baby poses and which lenses to use to achieve the perfect pictures of all that newborn baby goodness. *Please understand that due to delivery date unpredictability, we may practice with a posing doll or we may have a real baby Heather will pose, but we won’t know which until that day! Sponsored By Sigma

HENRY BATDELEG – 8/1 @ 9AM IMPROVE YOU LIGHTING SKILL WITH COLOR (All level): Join my Clickcon class where I’ll teach you advanced techniques for combining LEDs, RGB, strobe flash lights, and optic lenses to create stunning effects. In this class, I’ll share the valuable insights I’ve gathered through extensive experimentation with new lighting approaches. In a recent workshop, I delved into various color combinations, and the behind the-scenes footage underscores my focus on specific colors. The key takeaway is not just about the colors themselves but the strategic positioning of lights. The precision achievable with distinct colored lights is truly remarkable. Unlike white light, which obscures how sources overlap, colored continuous lights reveal the effects in real time, how the light falls, the hard and soft shadows, transitions, and where the lights mix. Enhance the impact, mood, and style of your photos by mastering the essentials of color theory. Discover foundational color schemes and understand how different colors harmonize and influence your imagery. Once you grasp the theory, I’ll guide you through the practical application of color during your photoshoots, focusing on lighting, styling, and composition. This comprehensive approach ensures your photos not only look good but also evoke the desired emotions and balance. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your photography skills with cutting-edge lighting techniques. Sign up now and transform your photos into works of art!

JEFF GOLDBERG – 8/1 @ 9AM Balancing Available Light & Strobes to Highlight Your Style (Intermediate): Sponsored By Evoto. If you like things to be light and airy or you are more of a dramatic and moody shooter, it can be a challenge to create that environment when presented with challenging lighting situations. In this class, we will go outside and work creating lifestyle/editorial fashion images with all the challenges nature throws at us (we won’t know until that day). We will work on creating interesting images with just natural light and then layer in strobes to show the impact. I’m sure nature will toss us some curve balls which is great… then we can show you to work through it to get the image you want.

JUDY HOST – 8/1 @ 9AM After Capture – Taking your images to another level: Simple and easy tips and tricks on how to enhance your imagery with a unique blend of textures and graphics. Using blending modes and layer masks in Photoshop, you can change the way your images look giving them a unique style. Add a Fine Art Product line to your price list and charge more for them. You sell what you show.

Create a niche and fill it with your amazing imagery. Originality is what makes us storytellers great. Be great, be unique and above all else Think Different. No equipment is necessary for this class. Demo only. If you wish to follow along with your computer, you are welcome to do that.

Will be giving out Fly Paper Textures collection called: Impressionist Painterly which is my favorite. If interested in more textures visit:

Use my last name, Host for a discount.

SHERRY HAGERMAN – 8/1 @ 9AM Wedding Posing Adapt Or Die: We will walk through a series of posing for straight and same-sex couples. Learn how easy it is to not only be a hybrid photographer in today’s market but also do it quickly and efficiently.

YUMA & KASIA AMADOR – 8/1 @ 9AM Mastering Wedding Storytelling: Embark on a captivating journey where each click is a chapter in an enchanting love story. Join our immersive class, where we dive deep into the art of crafting timeless narratives through wedding photography. Our focus is on blending technical expertise with artistic vision, ensuring that every photograph narrates a compelling and enduring story. Through a dynamic blend of hands-on exercises, theoretical insights, and real-world applications, you’ll acquire the tools and techniques necessary to infuse depth, emotion, and meaning into your wedding photography. This workshop is thoughtfully designed to elevate storytelling skills to new heights, catering to both seasoned professionals and those just beginning their photographic adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to refine your craft or a newcomer eager to explore the world of wedding photography, this workshop provides a platform for growth. Join us as we guide you through the alchemy of creating captivating visual stories, empowering you to transform each click into a powerful chapter for you client. Your photographic journey is about to become a tale worth telling.

ALEX CALLEJO – 8/1 @ 2:30PM Action on the Runway & Fashion Editorials: Will discuss all things Runway and how to shoot editorials with one light or ambient light during constraining environments.

JOHN BRANCH IV – 8/1 @ 2:30PM Working with your Surroundings | creative photos no matter your location: Sponsored By FujiFilm. Staying creative no matter where you’re located is one of the hardest tasks for a photographer. That’s why in this photo walk we’ll talk about the creative process of using whatever you have in front of you to still get great results.

KIATI PLOOKSAWASDI – 8/1 @ 2:30PM Freeze! Stop that movement!: Learn how to master the art of freezing motion using light. We’ll explore techniques to capture sharp, dynamic images by manipulating shutter speed and lighting. Learn how to effectively use flash and continuous lighting to illuminate fast-moving subjects to create scroll stoping images. You will get hands-on practice and expert guidance, to develop the skills needed to stop time and create stunning visual stories.  This class is for all levels but the instructions will be suited for beginners to intermediate levels of photography. Please bring your camera, favorite lens and if you wish to bring your lights and triggers, please do so and I can show you how to use your lights in the sets we have set up during open shooting time.     

KIM ACKERMAN – 8/1 @ 2:30PM Tossed Fabric Photo Walk: YES! it’s coming back! This was one of my most popular classes in 2023 so I want to offer it for those who missed out. I will be creating custom wraps on the models using 15 foot long satin fabrics. After I am finished with the tutorial on how to wrap them, we will go outside and find some dramatic backgrounds to photograph the designs. There will be mostly hands on time in this class with demos on how to throw the fabric. EVERYONE will take turns tossing fabric as well as photographing. Team work is dream work!! 

SCOTT ROBERT LIM – 8/1 @ 2:30PM Light Mastery with Flash: Learn a systematic approach to off-camera flash. This course covers all the details of Flash Photography including the differences between studio and portable strobes, hands-on setup of off-camera flash, the different types of flash, the fundamentals of light. This is a complete and definitive course on how to master your flash and produce next level portraits with professional light anytime, anywhere.This class will start with indoor studio portraits and will work it’s way to various locations. Sponsored By Godox

YUMA & KASIA AMADOR – 8/1 @ 2:30PM SEO for Photography: Are you a photographer ready to unlock the full potential of your online presence? Join me in an exclusive deep dive into the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tailored specifically for photographers. In this comprehensive class, we will explore the intricacies of SEO, demystifying the process and providing actionable strategies to enhance your online visibility and attract high-paying clients. Discover how to tailor your SEO strategies to the unique demands of the photography industry. From wedding photography to boudoir shoots, we’ll delve into specific techniques to make your business stand out. Maximize the impact of your website with proven optimization techniques. From metadata to user experience, we’ll cover the essentials that turn your website into a client-attracting powerhouse. Gain invaluable insights into climbing the search engine ranks. Understand the algorithms, use analytics to your advantage, and implement strategies that propel your photography business to the forefront of online searches. Explore how to seamlessly integrate your SEO efforts with your social media presence. Elevate your engagement, build a community around your brand, and convert online interactions into real-world bookings. Explore how to seamlessly integrate your SEO efforts with your social media presence. Elevate your engagement, build a community around your brand, and convert online interactions into real-world bookings. Ready to transform your online presence and attract high-paying clients? Secure your spot now and let’s embark on this journey to elevate your photography business through the power of SEO!