ClickCon Max

Throughout one day of total insanity, ClickCon Max takes education to the extreme! Hop on one of our tour buses while we whisk you away to some of the most amazing locations and experiences our industry has ever seen! After a hard day’s work, become our guest at our wedding reception where you can eat, drink, and mingle with fellow attendees, instructors, and one lucky family!

ClickCon Max utilizes some of the most famous Chicago locations as a backdrop to shooting glory. Our team has selected themes suggested by you and will bring them to life with the incredible design teams led by top area artists. There is something for everyone involved in this day of adventure and excursions.

**Unless noted otherwise all MAX day excursions are not speaker led. These are themed excursions to network, work together in teams, utilize and practice what you have learned on the 5th and 6th.

Full Day Excursions

Please note that when signing up for the excursions listed below you will be involved in a full six to eight hour excursion. Each has a limited number of attendees; attendees will be able to select one.


Real Wedding Day with Jerry Ghionis

Join Jerry Ghionis and watch him photograph a real wedding. That’s right, we said a REAL WEDDING! ClickCon is a community-driven event, so we are giving away a wedding to one lucky couple in the Chicagoland area. Follow Jerry as he walks you through all the major sections of a wedding day as they play out right before your eyes. If you have always wanted to know how the best do it, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. View the final results at the same-day slideshow and be a part of the reception as a real guest. This excursion is limited to 20 people and is on a first come basis.


Wedding Day Rundown with Sherry Hagerman

We have some of the top wedding photographers and videographers from across the United States that will be pulling apart the wedding day process piece-by-piece. Watch and learn as they show you how to properly interact and shoot everything from a “getting ready” session to a creative session. If you have areas of work that need assistance this will be a great way to get all of your questions answered. Learn new techniques and quick tips to running any wedding flawlessly.


Create a Commercial

One of the most fun and powerful learning experiences for videographers is a full day of creating a commercial for ClickCon 2020. Work together as a team with cinematic storyteller, Clay Blackmore, to learn project management, storyboarding, videography techniques, audio techniques, and real-day editing. Want to prop up your skills by offering a new line of business? Learn the process of short commercials and begin contacting your local business after the event!

Half Day Shoot Outs

Please note that when singing up for the excursions listed below you will be involved in three-hour shoots not including travel. All travel or access will be provided. You may select two excursions from the list. Spend your day putting what you have learned to work for you. Meet exciting people and work with some of the most incredible designers on these one-of-a-kind shoots. These are available on a first come basis and are limited to 40 attendees each.


Runway on the Rooftop

Join us for an unforgettable experience on the top of one of Chicago’s premiere rooftops. Take in the skyline or grab one of our stunning models highlighting one-of-a-kind fashion couture.


Steam Powered

Walk into one of the most prestigious buildings in Chicago as a post-apocalyptic era is brought to life. We will mix fantasy and technology during this amazing steampunk revolution.


Gatsby’s Party

We are bringing back the time of flappers and lavish parties. We are letting Gatsby take over in this timeless historic hotel. Travel back to the roaring ’20s with gilded staircases, jazz music, and glamour. Grab a model or enjoy the surroundings; there are plenty of breathtaking views to find here.

Black Swan

Black Swan

The water flows in graceful movements and modern ballet as attendees take on the elegance of Black Swan at one of the most iconic fountains in the US. Choose Lake Michigan or the skyline as your backdrop. The architecture alone is enough to leave you breathless.


Superheros Versus Villains

Grab your cape, camera, lens, and pick a side! This will be a superhero adventure like never before! You will be amazed at how close these models come to the real thing. We have selected none other than the best in this good conquers evil matchup!

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