Photo & Video Shooting Locations

Have a great time at ClickCon and get the most out of your shooting and portfolio building experience! We have done the footwork for you and have created a list of optimal places to get the most out of your time with us. Please look at the list below and choose. Take advantage of this time and take a model with you from our Models On Loan booth. This booth will be located on the 3rd floor. Sign up hours will be from 8am-11am and 4pm-7pm. There will be model boards posted nearby to select your model. Keep checking back for newly added locations!
Canal Riverwalk (5 min walk) Michigan & Canal
Chicago Water Tower (10-15 min walk) 806 Michigan Ave
Chicago Theatre (Outside) (5-10 min walk) 175 N State St
Michigan Ave Street Shots ( 0 min walk) 400 N Michigan Ave
Wrigley Building (5-10 Min walk) outside 410 N Michigan Ave
Buckingham Fountain (5-10 Min walk) 301 S Columbus Dr
Grant Skate Park (5 Min Walk) No Address (Behind Formal Gardens)
Formal Gardens 1 (5 Min Walk) 700 S Michigan Ave
Formal Gardens 2 (5 Min Walk) 700 S Michigan Ave
Agora Sculptures (5 Min Walk) 1135 S Michigan Ave
Hilton Hotel (0-5 Min walk) permission granted through Hilton 700 S Michigan Ave
North Garden 1 (5 Min walk) 111 S Michigan Ave
North Garden 2 (5 Mn walk) 111 S Michigan Ave
Palmer House The Host Hotel 17 E Monroe
Chicago Alleys (0-5 Min walk) Behind the Hilton
The “L” (0-5 Min walk)
North Ave Beach/Pier (Uber 15 min) 1600 N Lake Shore Dr
Civic Opera House (Outside) (10-15 Min Walk) 20 N Upper Wacker Dr
Adler Planetarium (Skyline) (10-15 min Walk) 1300 S Lake Shore Dr
“Chicago” Graffiti Wall (15 min drive) 2226 N Milwaukee
Financial District (10 minute walk) 141 W Jackson Blvd
BlackStone Hotel (2 minute walk) permission granted Blackstone 636 S Michigan Ave
Ping Tom Park 1 (Uber 7 min) 1700 S Wentworth
Ping Tom Park 2 (Uber 7 min) 1700 S Wentworth

**As with any large city, know your surroundings and do not travel to places in which you are not familiar. We have hundreds of photo and video locations within a 5-10 minute walk in the surrounding area of the hotel. The area we are in is a tourist area and is heavily policed and safe. Please check out our recommended shooting locations on our site for great opportunities and portfolio building. Travel in groups.
**Note that indoor locations are all private property and considered trespassing. If you do not see an indoor location listed above do not photograph with a model inside. Chicago hotels do not like photographers inside their property without permission. Any landings or balconies attached to buildings are also considered private property.
**Shooting with models is not allowed in private hotel rooms.
**Photographing anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted without the child’s guardian.
**If you are questioned by Chicago Police or security please keep your “letter of Intent” handy to show them on your phone. This letter will be emailed to participants 30 days prior to the show.
**As with any large city theft will always be a problem. You hear about these instances at ALL conferences. Travel in groups and keep your items with you at all times. Think Tank has an incredible bag with cable locks (Airport series). This is a great way to be able to set your bag down and cable lock it near by. If you do not have this option we suggest find a way to do this. This is a great concept for any and all conferences that you travel to! ClickCon will not be held responsible for any stolen or lost items.