9:00a - 10:00a CDT
A Life on Assignment

Nikon Ambassador Joe McNally takes the audience on an entertaining trip through his long, varied career. The arc of a successful life in photography involves lots of twists, turns and the capacity to constantly reinvent and adapt. In this honest, open account of a career spanning 35 years, McNally will share highs, lows, and the considerable amount of re-direction required of a photographer to remain viable in the world of branding, marketing and social media. Slide show and talk, questions answered as time allows.

Joe McNally

On the first day of our virtual conference, we’ll spend a few minutes answering a few questions about ClickCon Nation.

Sherry Hagerman
Discover the soulful world of natural light portraits with International award winning portrait artist and educator, Judy Host. Follow her through the journey of learning how to disarm your subject to find the beauty within their soul and then use natural light to highlight their story.
Judy will discuss how to Find and Control light and then use it in your portraits to emphasis all kinds of emotions such as, drama, happiness, wonder, and insight. It’s a spiritual path to become aware of your surroundings and your subject’s response to it.
Recognizing and using the light to its best advantage is only part of the package. Combining the light with the capture of the emotion and the composition along with your subject’s expression is the magic.
Judy Host

Join JC as he delves in to a discussion about lighting and photography.



Happy clients are made when the photographer knows how to pose properly and in a variety of ways. I will demonstrate 15-20 poses that I use on every senior portrait session.

Tonya Bolton

Travel photographer, Sony ambassador, represented worldwide by YellowKorner Gallery, Esteban Toro, shares his latest project: Aperture: A World of Stories. A documentary series created by Sony, where Toro meets two of the most remarkable figures of the photography world: Scott Gray, the CEO of the World Photography Organisation, and Brent Lewis, a photo editor of The New York Times.
The series takes place in five different countries around the world: Colombia, Myanmar, Nepal, India and The United States. While Esteban discusses with Brent and Scott the photographs and stories he documented, these photography experts exchange views on the importance of ethics, editing, sequencing, printing and creating a portfolio for any photographer who wants to discover the world through the camera lens.
During this conference, Esteban will share behind the scenes of the filming, how was the process of creating this ambitious documentary and the experience he had using printed photographs to present his work to art collectors and editors he usually works with. Come to discover the world through the lens of a traveler.



Esteban Toro

Portrait and wedding photographers everywhere are always searching for soft beautiful light. They find it in “north light” studios, in the open shade of a porch, under a canopy of trees or in the bounced light of a building on the shady side of a city street. When they can’t find the perfectly lit location, they wait for the right time of day when the sun is setting and diffused by dust in the atmosphere or they hope for soft clouds to soften the hard, direct light of the sun. Some photographers find it easier to create their own light in a studio with green screens, photo-realistic backdrops and full scale sets with artificial lighting. But what happens when you need to make a portrait outside in a specific location, facing the wrong direction, at the worst time of day. What happens if you are asked to take a portrait in Death Valley on a cloudless day, at noon? Can you overcome the challenge of direct sunlight?
Join Jared Platt at ClickCon and learn how to Take Control of the Sun with simple effective flash techniques that will have you working with the Sun, rather than against it. Jared will show you how to get beautiful light in the harshest lighting conditions.
Learn how to think through your most challenging lighting conditions and how to choose your lighting tools to work with the sun to create your own beautiful light.
Jared Platt

The art of becoming the most authentic version of yourself as an photographer, creative and people lover.

Andrea Calvery

Join Sigma tech rep, Marc Farb in this 30 minute vendor webinar. Marc will talk about creating portraits in aviation and concert photography and the Sigma lenses he used to create them. Both subjects can present unique challenges based on lighting, conditions, subject matter and what they want to capture. This is an all new portraiture presentation about shooting fast, wide, long or short in challenging conditions. Sigma will offer savings at Hunt’s Photo and B&H Photo.


Join Light and Motion’s Tom Brady and Adam Wansa for this information session.

Light & Motion
9:00a - 10:00a CDT
The Elegance of the One-Light Portrait

In this program, Tony takes a focused look at a number of images that share one trait from the title, that they were all done with one light only. From a commercial shoot for a winery to fashion, portrait, and editorial, a photographer who can create quality work with only one light will be able to do magic with two, three , or even four. Follow master lighting photographer Tony Corbell as he illustrates new ways of thinking about light.

Tony Corbell

Where do we find and develop our creativity for our portrait process? A deeper look into classic artists, painters, photographers, and sculptors. Understanding the creative process that is conceptualization, visualization and execution. George will walk you through how to develop a concept, how to visualize it by creating the image in your mind, and how to bring into visibility that which you have visualized.

George DeLoache

I will go over our process for building up hype when we deliver our photo and video and why. This will Start with the first inquiry all the way up to delivering the final product. For my studio, we don’t just hand over their photos and videos and call it a day. We build excitement around the finished pieces. By having this process of building hype our clients excitement goes through the roof which has caused them to share their photos and videos more…which then leads to more referrals and bookings! Some of the topics we will cover is how prepare the the couple through our CRM. How we share their photos and videos online, our process for social media, and more.

Travis Heberling

This class is designed to cover how to run a dance shoot, tips and tricks to help things go smoothly, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Sharon Morgenstern

I will go over the following: Teach you that you can sell and you likely already have several times. Understand what your goal is for your client How to accept REJECTION, it will happen How to change a NO into a YES or NOT RIGHT NOW.

Anna Johnson


Creative genius isn’t something that some photographers have and some don’t. Developing your creativity is a choice you get to make. So, let’s get your creative juices flowing and give you the tools to cultivate unlimited creativity every single day of your life!

Tracie Maglosky


Tracie will explain the essential gear she uses and recommends what to simply leave at home.  It’s time to push your photographic passion forward with an intuitive system that will expand your photographic abilities.


Learn why light is not just light. We will explore the technical aspects of proper lighting for artists on and off set.  This will be a great class for photographers/videographers to understand why a certain “type” of light is necessary for the artist.

Michael Astalos
9:00a - 10:00a CDT
Photoshop Editing with the Mixer Brush

Sandra will be teaching the Mixer Brush and how she paints with it. You will learn the settings and how to use them. She will be demonstrating removing glass glare and refractions using the mixer and smudge brushes.

Sandra Pearce

In this class we will speed through some of the basics of body painting. You will learn how to create dimension in a face and body with both hand painting and airbrush techniques.

Pia Macias
This is a dive into Photoshop as a creative tool to enhance images. I use this type of processing a lot and note that I am a Lens Based Artist.
“Taking your images to another level is one way to set yourself apart from other photographers. Bob has chosen to move his images to a more-painterly feel. He accomplishes this by fusing many images together utilizing a single subject blended with many textures from nature, decaying made-made items and everyday items found through serendipity. The result is an image that has depth and dimension and will often reveal different things to the viewer no matter how many times it is seen.
Coates originally designed this for fine art application but has found ways to bring the technique over into his commercial business. Join Bob as he shares many of the means to accomplish the look and move it into your business. Setting yourself apart by creating imagery that is only available from you is a way to stay ahead of your competition… And bring some fun back to your photography.”
“Bob is a remarkable photographer – impeccable craft and exquisite artistry!” Thom Rouse
Bob Coates

Join Panasonic Lumix Ambassador and Award Winning Filmmaker Matthew Sutherland for this Live online workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about lighting, sound, and camera movement for professional documentary interviews. We will go over the differences in lighting interviews for all different projects and how to create different moods and tones with lighting and cinematic camera movements.

Matthew Sutherland

Composing our images in camera or in computer can make or break the success of an image. We will be taking a closer look at composing images in detail in order to better take advantage of our surroundings, our subjects and props. By reviewing a number of award winning images, we’ll see what you can do as an artist before and after the shutter is clicked to inspire thought provoking and attention grabbing work.

Eric Eggly


Great images require planning and collaboration and are the result of great problem solving. Photographing people for any reason is a relationship game and the gear must take a back seat to the interaction between you and your subject. Together, we will take a deep dive through my entire process and I will share with you how I plan and execute a shoot. I’ll cover everything from shoot prep with both my subjects and makeup artists and I will review lighting, shooting, communication and posing techniques and much more.

Joe Edleman


Joe will explain the essential gear he uses and recommends what to simply leave at home.  It’s time to push your photographic passion forward with an intuitive system that will expand your photographic abilities.

Joe Edelman

Veronica Cotter and Kevin Graham will review the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt and Photo Collection of papers. They will include the Features and Benefits of both, with a focus on several unique products including Hahnemühle FineArt Tins, Certificates of Authenticity and Deckled Edge Papers.

Veronica Cotter and Kevin Graham
Wildlife and Nature photographer Don Hamilton Jr. will present an interactive discussion for creating beautiful images that put your creative vision on paper as photographic prints. Don’s “no nonsense” approach is a step by step journey from observing the beauty of nature, to capture, the edit, and finally to a fine art print to enhance the décor of any room. Using a color managed workflow is essential and choosing the right digital photographic paper is vital to fulfilling your creative vision. Don will review his process for ensuring that what he sees on his monitor is what he gets on the print. He will also share with you how and why he chooses particular paper surfaces to enhance the image. Join us to see the beautiful nature photography of Don Hamilton Jr. and stay to find out how you can capture, edit, and print your creative vision to a fine art masterpiece.
Don Hamilton Jr.
9:00a - 10:00a CST
Touchless Portrait Posing
We are living in a new crazy normal of social distancing and mask wearing which makes photographing people a new challenge we must all face as professional photographers. How can we successfully navigate posing subjects in a hands off way?
Michele Celentano has been teaching posing groups of people from 2 to 200 for 20 years. In this class, Michele will break down how to successfully pose single subjects and groups without touching or coming within 6 feet of your subjects. You will learn the language of posing- how to accurately direct subjects from behind the camera. Michele will give you suggestions and tips you will be able to put into practice to make your subjects and yourself comfortable and safe while continuing to book clients.
Michele Celentano
There’s no question the pandemic has changed most of the rules for marketing and building your business. But at the same time, it’s created so many opportunities to build your business and stand out from the competition. Skip’s going to be sharing dozens of ideas to help you rebuild and jumpstart your business as a photographer. This will be a fast-paced program with one idea after another, many of them being implemented by artists all over the country already.
“Don’t think outside the box – think like there is no box!”
Skip Cohen
Learn how this California girl made it in the Midwest. Chicago model, Willow Star. Her experiences, opportunities, and tools she used to help get her where she is today.
  • Branding, photography, hair and makeup, and more.
  • How can all that help a model and their career?
  • Where to start?
  • The Do’s & Don’ts in the industry.
  • Turning your passion into reality.
  • The hard work that goes into it along the way.
Willow Star

This presentation explores all the various techniques of balancing the exposure of strobe and ambient light sources in one photo. For example: taking a photo of someone outside at night by using a portable flash and also capturing the city lights in the background. Bobbi explains how to determine the proper balance of exposure between the two light sources – flash and ambient – then how to creatively play by shaking or spinning the camera, zooming the lens, panning, and more. The flash will light the subject and freeze any motion, and then moving the camera will blur the ambient light in the background in a variety of ways. It’s a creative and fun way to make your photos more dynamic and effective!

Bobbi Lane

In this class, Jen will help you step up your skills by offering a review of your boudoir photos. She will present constructive criticism on posing, lighting, and all the other ingredients that go into making a beautiful image.

Jen Rozenbaum

Join Westcott and learn what’s new and exciting in their product line.


As a photographer, you have educated yourself on the differences between various cameras and lights and methods for capturing your images and chosen tools that fit your style and preferences. It’s time for you to understand the differences between your editing tool options. Just like different cameras, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic both have their unique strengths and advantages. Both tools are extremely powerful tools to help you get your post-processing done efficiently and to take your images from good to great! Join Jared Platt and learn how Lightroom and Lightroom Classic can improve your photo workflow.

LIGHTROOM (Part 1): The first half of this class will be devoted to the newest version of Lightroom for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. In this section, you will learn how to use Lightroom and the Lightroom “ecosystem” to simplify your life, backup your critical photos, easily edit your images and share them in seconds. This is not just a class for beginners… even advanced Lightroom Classic users will learn tips that will change the way you think about post-production and how to shoot and edit with your smartphone. For those of you who are fairly new to the world of post-production and need a simple, non-intimidating way to work with your photos… this is where you should begin. And don’t forget, the best camera is the one you have with you. And because you always have your phone, you always have a “big camera” in your phone with the mobile Lightroom App. Learn how you can use Lightroom’s powerful camera for your personal and professional work.

LIGHTROOM CLASSIC (Part 2): In the second half of this class, you will learn how Lightroom Classic differs from Lightroom so you can make an informed decision on which tool is right for your photography workflow. You will also learn how to use some incredibly powerful Lightroom Classic tools that will quickly turn you into an editing pro! You will learn how to accomplish serious retouching without leaving Lightroom Classic and how to organize, find, and share your photos with speed and ease. Don’t worry, if you are new to Lightroom, Jared Platt is a master teacher and makes everything understandable. And if you are a seasoned professional in Lightroom Classic, you will undoubtedly learn some game-changing tips.

This class is perfect for advanced users and beginners alike and is absolutely critical for those who are still wondering which tool is right for them: Lightroom or Lightroom Classic. Come answer that question for yourself once and for all, and learn some incredible methods and tools as well. After each segment, there will be a Question & Answer session, so bring your questions. This is a great opportunity to get some answers from the Lightroom Guru.

Jared Platt
9:00a - 10:00a CST
How To Pivot During Chaos

Learn what it takes to restart your career. Terrell Lloyd, (the official photographer for the San Francisco 49ers) will teach you how to make a move into a different market, how to get noticed and what it will take to stand out. Learn how the NFL has effected staff photographers and what they are doing to get through these hard times.

Terrell Lloyd

Outex co-founder and underwater photographer JR deSouza discusses insights, tips, tricks, gear selection, lighting,  settings, and setup based on 10+ years of photography and work with leading professional on the cutting edge of content creation, imagery, and cinematography.  Bring your questions.

JR deSouza



Do you want to shoot small? Photographer and Sigma tech rep, Brett Wells will teach you his tips and tricks. Learn the basics of macro photography and how to utilize them at home, whether in your yard or your living room. He’ll talk about necessary equipment, camera settings and tips that will have you producing great macro shots in your own surroundings.

Brett Wells

This pandemic is awful for business. Can I get an amen? If you are a photographer who is feeling your bookings continue to show uncertainty even into 2021, you don’t want to miss this class which will provide an understanding on how to add wedding videography to your wedding photography business to help you work more and earn more money. We will cover topics such as mindsets, lead generation, wedding day logistics, equipment, and more! The class will end with tangible steps to starting off your new successful business! Plenty of time for Q&A!

Jon Snyder


Sponsored By: Litra, PhotoPXL

Attention Photographers: Have you been wanting to create video content? In this class, videographer and photographer Michael Durr will show you some tips and techniques for capturing video using your existing photography gear. We will also look at some new toys that will help you start dabbling in video without breaking the bank. Video is becoming a necessity for almost any business and adding it to your tool belt will only increase your value. Behind the scenes content, YouTube tutorials and social media presence are just a few ways you could begin implement video into your photography business. This class is designed to give you an overview of the possibilities and how to develop a mindset that video is not an untamable beast.
Michael Durr

Many that pick up the camera for the first time, fall in love with it and enjoy photographing friends and family. It’s a hobby at first and then the thought hits, “Hey, I can charge for this!” Maybe it’s a children’s session or a family portrait that gets the ball rolling. Turning this into a business the photographer needs to look at other ways to create income from the camera and without a doubt headshot photography should be a the top of any portrait photographers list. A growing field that requires a unique skillset comprised of a combination of technical know-how and the ability to direct your subject. In this class, Peter Hurley will run through the process he has used to become the leader in this industry. He’ll go through how to get started with building your kit as well as directing your subject and creating a consistent look that gets you booked. If you like photographing people and haven’t considered adding headshots to your list of services then this class is definitely for you.

Peter Hurley

Weddings are so much more then pretty pictures, and a pretty photo is absolutely nothing and will fall flat without real emotion. Learn not only how to easily guide your clients into complimentary poses (with all the constraints of the day) but how to bring out the emotional connections that are vital to enduring story telling. You will be surprised on the tiny things you need to change to make an enormous impact on your work and for your clients!

Amber Henry
9:00a - 10:00a CST
Environmental Portrait Images with Style | Sponsored by ProFoto & Queensberry Albums

What do your clients really want? Just ask them and they might not be able to explain what they want but they will certainly tell you what
they do NOT want. With 20 years teaching under his belt, JB will share what he and his wife have learned works and more importantly does NOT work.
Come be inspired by JB and learn how to set yourself apart with products, price yourself to grow, wow your clients every time and be know in your area for your priceless environmental portrait photography art! You will also learn how to book destination wedding, gain knowledge on how to master off camera light with the Profoto system and see what light shaping tools work best in each environment and situation.
JB will also cover how to gain new clients and more importantly how to keep your clients for life and if time allows JB will demonstrate LIVE how he poses and illuminates his subjects. Try something different and learn and few of the Salleeʼs favorite tricks to
impress their clients.
What can you expect from this presentation?
• Learn how to book Destination weddings and sessions.
• Gain knowledge on how to master off camera lighting in any situation and learn how to use a variety of light modifiers to make your client look fabulous on location.
• How to get clients and more importantly keep your great clients for life- Sallee Client for Life Program
• Paint with Light (Hands on lighting demonstrations.)
• Surprise your clients with amazing products and they will never ask for just digital files.
• Try something different – Just a few the Salleeʼs favorite tricks to impress their clients.
• Price yourself to not be a “Starving Artist.”
JB Sallee

I am often asked about my POST session routine. In this class, I will show you how I cull and prep files in less than 30 minutes for my in-person sales sessions. I will also go over how I involve the client in the image selection to make it more efficient. If you are NOT doing in-person sales or you are spending way too much time prepping your proofs, this class is for you!

Kim Ackerman

The demand for photographers to create video content is greater than ever before, and there’s never been a more perfect time to get started! Learn from an award winning Hollywood cinematographer how to get started off right so you can achieve the best results possible. You will learn proper camera settings, setting color temp, the use of filtration, how to record sound, screen direction and eye lines, and various lighting setups to create cinematic images that will get you hired. Also covered will be location scouting, creating a shot list, and suggested software for editing, sun tracking, etc. Paolo’s IMDb credits: www.imdb.com/name/nm0143148

Paolo Cascio

As a creative, you create beautiful images to tell a story and communicate to the world. Then there’s another group of humans, the ones who communicate through facts, figures and numbers. The people who can speak both languages are few and far between. Andrew is one of those number nerds who has the ability to translate numbers into creative terms, so everyone understands what is being communicated. When you attend “Making Sense of the Dollars & Cents,” you’ll learn easy ways to get your books in order without having to be a bookkeeper and discover how you can save money on your taxes annually.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Taxes
  • Income tax
  • Self-employment tax
  • S Corporation
  • Sales tax
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance Sheets
  • Budgets


Andrew Jordan

I’ll be talking about how to work with dancers on location in all different types of settings and natural light conditions. I’ll be sharing a video of me working/directing/collaborating with a dancer on a photo shoot to see how we work together to create a wall-worthy image. The class will focus on shooting during the golden hours, but will also include ways to photograph dancers with the mid-day sun. We will break down images from shoots that worked, and also those that did not work.

Ron McKinney

Join CPA Andrew Jordan for this vendor presentation about what Big Picture CPA can do for you and your business!

Andrew Jordan
9:00a - 10:00a CST
Marrying Engagements, Weddings & Portraits with Architecture

Chicago-based wedding photographer Collin Pierson will show you how the architecture and light of a city can change the game for your portrait shoots, engagement sessions, and weddings. This class is great for those who want to step away from “safe” photos and add that something extra to their shoots. Using a system of core principals such as perspective, light and symmetry, Pierson will provide the tools to elevate photoshoots in to artwork, no matter the location. Attendees will learn how your clients images containing architectural elements can help boost sales and attract new clients.

Collin Pierson

Ever wonder how to properly expose outdoor portraits using studio lighting? This class will teach you the steps I use to create vibrant outdoor portraits while still exposing for the background! By using high speed sync I will teach you how to get the most out of locations even in the harshest of light conditions.

Josh Russell

Creative thinking is at the heart of standing out as a photographer. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or just starting; this class will help you learn to find inspiration, experiment and make innovative photography no matter who or what you photograph. Make new discoveries with your photography through the art of noticing. You will learn how to think and create outside of your comfort zone. Through a series of simple and playful inspired exercises you will learn how to harness your visual voice and unique personality to stand out in a crowd.

Carly Sullens

NBP Plugins

Learn how to leverage color in Photoshop for correction and creativity, and how to really start thinking about color in your work. Your color correction and color grading define your personal vision in your portrait work, so let’s learn how to master it.

Nino Batista

Sponsored By Floricolor USA and Wandrd

Your Boudoir style needs to be uniquely your own and an identifiable part of your brand to be competitive in this lucrative, but increasingly crowded market. Gain a better understanding of how composition, posing, camera angle and depth of field combine stylistically. Learn techniques to capture both “light and airy” and “dark and moody” images. Join Rick and Katja Wright for this live seminar to hone in on the style that best represents you and your brand.

Rick & Katja Wright

Veronica Cotter and Kevin Graham will review the Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Photocards, both 4×6 and A5 (5.8”x8.3”).  Including an overview of the various surfaces and interesting applications: postcards, promo cards, greeting cards, recipe cards and creative projects for kids.

Veronica Cotter and Kevin Graham
8:30a - 10:00a CDT
Achieve the Impossible
If your goal is not just to be inspired as an artist but rather empowered to achieve the impossible, then this class is for you! From award winning posing and lighting techniques to effective marketing and sales strategies these brothers will hold nothing back. Be prepared to receive more valuable information than you can handle!
Lighting is a key element in creating the optimal result. Learn to light in any condition, learn to use shadows and reflections to create drama while maximizing the use of artificial and available light. Understand when it is necessary to use a flash or a continuous light source to achieve a desired look or feel.
While attending this class you will also learn how to position couples in all scenes using pre-visualization techniques. Additionally, learn how to approach challenging situations such as different height couples, different body types, large families or groups, etc. and how to evoke the right emotion with your subjects to create an unforgettable experience.
Finally concluding with the necessary tools and sales strategies they have personally used to market and grow their premier studio to the multi-million dollar business it is today through branding, social media marketing, relationship building.
Build a business that excites and challenges you every day and you will achieve the impossible!
“Shoot for the stars, because if you miss you land on the moon!”
Tom & Mario Munoz

Learn the essential skills needed when working in Luminar. You’ll learn how to use Luminar as a standalone editor and a plugin for Adobe and Apple. – Open your photos in Luminar – Develop images for proper exposure – Enhance detail and structure – Bring colors to life – Edit portraits and landscapes – Use Luminar Looks to get instant results and much more!

Robert Vanelli

Have you ever thought about how different skin tones interact with different lighting techniques? It’s important to represent and make visible the entire spectrum of skin tones this world has to offer. Misha Wynn specializes in photographing many different wedding cultures such as traditional African weddings, Muslim and Indian, and is an expert in successfully photographing darker skin tones. Misha’s talk will inspire you to capture a plethora of skins tones in a different light and will provide you with a deeper understand of light utilization than you ever thought possible.

Misha Wynn | Sponsored by Litra
The photographic industry has always been packed with part-time photographers, especially in the portrait/social categories. These days, as a result of the pandemic, there are even more artists with full-time jobs working hard to maintain their part-time love for imaging and still grow a business. But it’s not easy finding balance between two career paths.
As a full-time attorney, Kevin A. Gilligan has had to build his brand and skill set while maintaining balance between his “day-job,” and business as an educator and artist, along with his responsibilities as a father, husband and friend.
Skip and Kevin will be sharing ideas to help part-time photographers build their skill set, brand and find balance between multiple careers and all the different hats we all wear.
Skip Cohen & Kevin Gilligan

Learn how to get genuine interactions and true connections with your families and younger kids by using prompts. We will talk about how I pose families and use prompts to elicit genuine laughters and smiles from both kids and adults. Walk away with some specific prompts I use in all of my sessions and tips on how you can come up with your own prompts and use across any genre of photography.

Johanna Kitzman
Have you ever been on a job where your clients
  • Loved a particular area that would typically be thought of as “impossible” to shoot?
  • Or a beautiful background, but awful light?
  • A dark space the client insists you use?
  • A bright space with perfect lighting but absolutely zero interest in the background?
Let Will Cadena show you how he plays with light and shadow, and finds new and interesting ways to use common or boring areas, and give them new life! In this master class, Will Cadena will test your knowledge and challenge you to find new and exciting ways to enhance your most basic shots, all in camera! He will show you how he uses what he has (modifiers, cell phone, reflections, natural light) to get the shot. You will hear some lecture and see some shooting too! He will show you the importance of getting the shots IN CAMERA, and give basic skills/tools to do more in camera and less in post-production.
Will Cadena
9:00a - 10:00a CDT
Pursuing Purpose and Defeating Self-doubt

We’ve all been at a point where we know what we want but we don’t know how to get there. Getting past the comparison game, conquering self doubt, and pursuing a trajectory of success can be as easy as creating positive habits and a consistent brand strategy around what makes you special. We will dive into daily, weekly, and quarterly self checks to make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself, discuss how to create a community of people who will push you and hold you accountable, and find a route to empower you to not only be a better photographer, but also provide a more memorable, intentional experience for your clients.

Miles Witt Boyer

During this fast paced sales course, Charlie will unleash a myriad of techniques to not only generate more clients but also make the most of the sessions when they hit the viewing room. Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon. Is one of the world’s foremost authorities on generating money in the portrait industry, his company Click has generated over $400M for studios accros the UK through various marketing initiatives and campaigns it has set up so he practices what he preaches. From client generation, the warm up call, pricing structures, IPS and retaining clients Charlie will cover it all and also give a ton of useful tips to help you make the most of your clients and their connections.

Charlie Kaufman
In this class, you will learn
– how to apply editorial makeup techniques to your bridal work .
– know what products to use for bridal and red carpet that works well for the camera
– how to elevate your skill to attract luxury clients
Aga Rhodes

If you have a camera then someone will eventually ask you to take a headshot for them. In this class, you will learn the basics of gear, lighting, and posing to ensure that you can produce a consistent and professional look for all your clients. In addition to doing a standard headshot, we will cover those “challenges” of real-life such as glasses, older clients, double chins, etc.

Jerry Alt
Information Coming soon
Melanie Mills

A year ago you were hunkered down and business looked like it would never come back. And while it’s still a struggle, as much as things have changed, one thing will NEVER change – the need to keep building relationships with your community and your clients. Skip will be wrapping up our April conference with new ideas to expand your reach, be a leader in how you communicate, and keep building trust with your target audience. Social media is in the the driver’s seat, but are you taking full advantage of all the resources at your fingertips? And while this is meant to be a 60 minute program, it’s the last one of the day, so the floor will be open to field questions to help you stay on track building your business and brand.

Skip Cohen