9:00a - 10:00a CDT
Pursuing Purpose and Defeating Self-doubt

We’ve all been at a point where we know what we want but we don’t know how to get there. Getting past the comparison game, conquering self doubt, and pursuing a trajectory of success can be as easy as creating positive habits and a consistent brand strategy around what makes you special. We will dive into daily, weekly, and quarterly self checks to make sure you’re setting realistic goals for yourself, discuss how to create a community of people who will push you and hold you accountable, and find a route to empower you to not only be a better photographer, but also provide a more memorable, intentional experience for your clients.

Miles Witt Boyer

During this fast paced sales course, Charlie will unleash a myriad of techniques to not only generate more clients but also make the most of the sessions when they hit the viewing room. Charlie Kaufman FSWPP Hon. Is one of the world’s foremost authorities on generating money in the portrait industry, his company Click has generated over $400M for studios accros the UK through various marketing initiatives and campaigns it has set up so he practices what he preaches. From client generation, the warm up call, pricing structures, IPS and retaining clients Charlie will cover it all and also give a ton of useful tips to help you make the most of your clients and their connections.

Charlie Kaufman

If you have a camera then someone will eventually ask you to take a headshot for them. In this class, you will learn the basics of gear, lighting, and posing to ensure that you can produce a consistent and professional look for all your clients. In addition to doing a standard headshot, we will cover those “challenges” of real-life such as glasses, older clients, double chins, etc.

Jerry Alt

Seize the Night – Level up your night photography skills and incorporate the beauty of long exposures into your work.  – Sponsored by B&H Photo

Night photography is one of the most imaginative styles that we can explore.  Our eyes “capture” at a fraction of a second, so when we extend our exposures to seconds, minutes and hours, we can tap into the unseen magic of movement in a single image.  In this class, Gabriel Biderman, the co-founder of National Parks at Night, will go over the tools and variety of ways that you can be more creative with your long exposures.  Gabe will share his tips on how you can amplify your portrait and travel work by gaining more comfort and slowing your shutter speeds – so you can more successfully Seize the Night!

B&H Photo

Gabriel Biderman
9:00a - 10:00a CDT
The Whole Package

Topics of discussion to include: what you need to become “the whole package,” marketing yourself, and attracting the clients you want.

Willow Star

nterested in exploring vintage hair design? Join me as I create glamourous waes and discuss the importance of teasing to create structured shapes. Enjoy two looks and endless possibilities.

Melanie Saso

In this class you will learn: how to apply editorial makeup techniques to your bridal work; what products to ue for bridal and red carpet that work well for the camera; how to elevate your skill to attract luxury clients.

Aga Rhodes

Learn how to work with natural textured hair in a way that’s quick and easy. Great hot tips and tricks in salon and on a photo shoot, from making the hair look shiny & healthy, controlling the frizz, to doing a simple quick braid or pulled-back ponytail.

Carla Natasha

Topics of discussion to include: directional blow dry, forms, and condense sets for faster finish.

Evie Petersen

Join Model Ambassador Jessilyn Chow, Hair Ambassdor Leslie Robinson, and Makeup Ambassador Errin Austin for a fun discussion! Each ambassador will take 15-20 minutes to share what’s in their bag, preparing for a photoshoot, and other helpful advice and “how-to’s”!

Errin Austin, Jessilyn Chow, and Leslie Robinson