Beauty on Location

Joe Edelman Portrait | Fashion | Beauty

Come along with Joe for an outdoor photo walk while he demonstrates what it takes to make beautiful portraits in any lighting situation in any location. While lighting is the key to success, on location, it is also important to understand that any background can be turned into an amazing setting. 

Attendees will learn how to find great backgrounds and make great backgrounds out of almost any outdoor setting. Joe will demonstrate his thought process for evaluating light and colors and then how it is possible to create studio-quality beauty and fashion portraits in any setting. Joe will demonstrate why he is not afraid of using harsh light for beautiful portraits and attendees will also learn Joe’s techniques for combining LED lighting with natural ambient light. 

Attendees will learn: — How to find great light in any location. — How to identify the elements in your location that will create dynamic backgrounds. — Why it’s so important to pay attention to color in your scene. — How much gear do you really need on location? — Why you shouldn’t POSE your subjects. — and more!