Business Aesthetics & Sprout Studio CRM Suite — Sponsored by Sprout Studio

Jakievious Phillips Sprout Studio Ambassador

The session is sponsored by: Sprout Studio. 

WHERE IS CRM (Client-Relationship Management) system? 1) Are you running a photography business or preparing to start the busines side of Photography and find yourself running into these scenarios below: 2) You are searching through emails or texts to confirm your pricing you informed someone that you were going to charge for a session? 3) A potential client inquiring about availability for headshots, family portraits, engagement sessions, wedding dates, or graduation portraits and have no scheduling system in place? 4) Do you have not have an SOP (Standard-Operating-Procedure) in place or Workflows for your lead and shoot communications to automatically occur when this/that is received or happens? Let’s set up SOP’s and workflows NOW. 5) You find yourself struggling to track your expenses, mileage tracking, remaining balance on your client invoices, contracts, galleries, etc.? 6) When a “”Lead”” and/or “”Shoot”” is generated within your system, do you have a workflow and automation in place when your 5 W’s occur? (Who/What/When/Where/Why) Sprout Studio, an intuitive and autonomous all-in-one CRM platform system with 13+ functionalities including online scheduling, business reports (ledgers-milage tracking), lab integration, online shop/price list, email marketing, credits/coupons implementation, etc. “”Let’s elevate to alleviate”” as my motto goes and implement Sprout Studio into your business to alleviate the stress.