Color: Make It Bold, Make It Fun! Make Your Images Stand Out

Joe Edelman Portrait | Fashion | Beauty

Light and Color are two of the most effective tools a photographer has to add subtle creative touches or create dramatic impactful statements in a photograph. Effective use of Color can be the difference from an ok shot to an incredible one. Using 3D light planning software (set.a.light 3D), I will show you actual shot breakdowns of how I use Color and colored gels as an integral part of creating my Fashion and Beauty portraits. We will look at color theory and emotion, and I will give you some great resources to help you become confident with color selection. We will look at your options for creating Color with strobes and constant light sources. I will take you through my process from start to finish, and you will have the opportunity to shoot with me – live! What you will learn: Why does color matter? How to plan the right colors. How to read a color wheel. Types of gels. How to make DIY gels. The easiest way to start using gel. … and much more!