Editorial Images In The Loop and Above It

Jeff Goldberg Portrait | Wildlife

Learn to capture fashion and editorial images with Chicago as our backdrop… both on the streets and above them. The intent is to incorporate the city into the image. After a discussion of approach and lighting, we will head out into the center of Chicago to create amazing images blending natural light and off camera flash.

During this afternoon class, we will go on PHOTO WALK to a number of locations including Chagall’s Four Seasons, the Calder Flamingo, reflections in the central Chicago post office and the grandeur of the buildings on LaSalle like the Federal Reserve Bank. We will end our walk at the LaSalle/Van Buren CTA stop. For those that would like to continue, we will take the Orange Line around the Loop both shooting on the train as well as getting off where we would like, e.g. State/Lake to shoot above the Chicago Theater, eventually ending at the Adams/Wabash station which is on the same block as the Palmer House. Depending on weather, we may alter the route.

Please be advised that we will be walking a fair distance from the hotel (several blocks), and we’ll be walking quickly between locations to maximize shooting time. Wear good walking shoes and travel light! Gear tends to get heavier the longer you have to carry it!