Epic Drone Shots for Videographers and Photographers – Sponsored by StellaPro Lights

The session is sponsored by: StellaPro Lights

Back by popular demand this hands-on drone class will take place in the streets of Chicago and give you tools to create spectacular footage right away. There is no better way to begin a professional film or wow your photography clients than an Epic Drone Shot.We will cover the 5 most epic drone shots currently used by professional cinematographers for the film and television shows we all love. We will cover the use of UAV drones from DJI and also how I fly Panasonic mirrorless cameras on a DJI Matrice Octocopter to get incredible shots for high end corporate clients. Drones are not just for filmmakers, we will cover how to compose and search for the perfect light to get great results for wedding and real estate photographers that will help take your photography business to the next level. Bring your drone and let’s Fly!!