Mastering One-Light Portraits – Sponsored by StellaPro Lights

The session is sponsored by: StellaPro Lights

Creating your own light can take your photography to new levels and it doesn’t have to be difficult to learn. It can add mood, drama, shape, texture, and beauty to your portraits in new and creative ways. The key to lighting is mastering and understanding how to create the effect you want and having complete control. This class will teach you the essential fundamental skills on how to create professional lighting effects whether you’re in the studio or on location. Scott Robert Lim will share his secrets on lighting that has helped thousands of photographers worldwide and will unlock the keys to creating his award winning imagery and signature style. This class will introduce the Continuous Hybrid Strobe, a new genre of lights that will multiply your creativity and ultimately enable the photographer to capture more keepers. Learn more about the simplicity of the Continuous Hybrid Strobe and how it makes one light photography fun and creative. This is both a lecture and hands-on learning.