Pitching Secrets: How to Pitch a Travel Publication

Yulia Denisyuk Influencer

Want to pitch your favorite travel magazine but don’t know where to start? This session is for you! Join Yulia Denisyuk, an award-winning travel photographer and writer, for an interactive session where you’ll learn the fundamentals of effective pitching, look at pitching best practices, and develop your own pitch. This is an interactive session so come ready to work on that story idea you have! Pitching is surely an art, but there is a science behind it as well. In this session, we’ll look at the fundamentals of effective pitching that answer three key questions. We’ll also look at best practices of effective pitches (that Yulia developed six over the years of pitching–and getting assignments) and learn how to find opportunities to get your work out there. Attendees will also work on developing their own pitches in this session. They’ll get a deeper understanding of what makes an effective pitch, come away with their own pitch draft, and gain empathy towards an editor’s job and position: this is key in making sure your pitches land and stick.