Professional Business Email Creation & Email Marketing – Sponsored by Sprout Studio

Jakievious Phillips Sprout Studio Ambassador

The session is sponsored by: Sprout Studio

This class will assist with setup and provide knowledge on the imperative measure on having a professional email address (@YOURBUSINESSNAME.COM) and/or Email Signature creation. We will go over how email marketing can help elevate your business. How many times have you found yourself checking your emails and run across that email from your favorite store informing you about that ongoing sale then you go and make that purchase? Now let’s transpose that same process into your photography business for your clientele. You have future plans to hire employees into your business or already have a team hired but wondering how to have a SHARED/GROUP email address to better organize emails and delegate task for who or when someone is response to reply to those customer support inquires. LET’S SET IT UP AND ALLIEVATE THE STRESS!