Rapid Fire Editing – Sponsored by Litra

Michael Novo Portrait

The session is sponsored by: Litra

You’ve captured all of these amazing images during ClickCon 2022 and now you want to know how to edit them. Rather than sit through a single long edit session, we’ll instead do a rapid-fire style edit on a variety of your images.

You’ll be exposed to many different tools in your raw converter (Capture One, Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw) as well as basic principals of getting your edits started in Photoshop. This will be a group session where suggestions or questions from the audience will be welcome. Editing is a personalized expression of you as an artist which can be significantly enhanced with breaking away from the basic sliders or presets. More than just knowing what a tool or slider does, it’s even more important to understand WHY you would opt to go in one direction or another. We’ll be selecting images from attendees, focusing on a few select editing techniques to get them going in the right direction and explain the reasoning and theory behind those choices.

You are welcome to simply sit in and listen, or submit your images at the start of the session for edit (memory card, flash drive, electronic transfer). Please note that we may not complete the images from start to finish, but will instead focus on specific areas that will help you, the image maker, on your journey. The idea behind this session is to expand your wheel house for your future shoots and edits.

You are welcome to bring your laptop so that this class is hands-on for you, so you can edit your own photos during this class session; or, you may opt to observe and treat this as a lecture/demo class.