Triple B: Business, Branding & Boudoir – Sponsored by UAF Photo Lab

Anna Johnson Boudoir

The session is sponsored by: UAF Photo Lab

In this workshop I will be covering some of the following topics: Discover your unique Brand Identity and how to use that to separate yourself from others, making you personable to your client (this is your “”WHY””). This is vastly important when you are offering a service where your client is venerable. Understanding who your target client is based off the connection and the overall message you conveying. Figuring out what your brand values are how living up to those values are important for your entire brand. Teaching you how to cultivate your own creativity by creating a look that represents you and your message. Understand how everything from tone, color, newsletters, flyers, concepts, and style of shooting is all apart of your branding. I’m going to teach you my unique process for how to uncovering what makes you and your business truly one-of-a-kind and how to translate that essence into beautiful packaged business that will thrive. Hashtags, Highlights, and More…