Anthony P Roberson

  • Boudoir | Portraits

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Anthony P can’t remember a time when he didn’t have a camera in his hand. “I received my first real camera from my father the day I graduated from high school, and I have been shooting ever since”.

Through his work he attempts to explore the boundaries of beauty, sexuality, and human nature. We are all visual creatures, and have different stimuli that activates our senses. He dedicates himself to entertaining and delighting those senses. What began as a personal journey of expression has translated into images that captivate, and stir the soul. They have traveled the world and been seen from all walks of life.

“My photography embodies an idiosyncratic view of freedom, expression, the the right to feel comfortable in your own skin. I am simply a man who has received incredible favor that has allowed me to bring my passion to the world to convince them of my point of view. I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I do creating my art.” -APR


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