Arica Lipp

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Dance | Portrait | Fine Art | Branding

Arica Lipp is a multi-award winning portrait artist, Portrait Master and international dance photography educator. Arica has been creating a fresh air of excitement for the niche of dance photography in the industry with her creative work for over 7 years.

Arica was a competitive dance athlete and spent 20 years professionally teaching ballroom and Latin dance. This deep experience with dance has laid a unique foundation that has helped shape her perspective on how she teaches dance photography. She is known best for her ability to pose and direct. A skill she loves to share with others.

Arica owns and operates her own photography studio, Arica Lipp Photography LLC, while also being a devoted mother to her 5 children. She loves to mentor and uplift other photographers to dream big and achieve their goals.

Her passion is contagious as she seeks to educate and empower other photographers to master the tools needed for working successfully with dancers. Be prepared to leap, twirl, and chassé, into this genre!