Claude Jodoin

  • 4 Dimensinal Light/Color

A pioneer in photography, Claude Jodoin started exposing and printing film right after high school, mastering the Ansel Adams B&W Zone System. Then came wedding & portrait photography business on weekends while working as a full-time industrial photographer. He joined PPA in 1994, earned his Craftsman Degree in record time, and helped to rewrite the CPP exam.

Claude began his digital journey in 1986 doing 4,000 PPI output for automotive electronics, followed by event photography in 1995 still using film where required but many years ahead of most photographers. In 1997, he photographed 1,000 guests at Bill Davidson’s Birthday Party (Bill is the owner of Detroit Pistons Basketball Team) at the Place of Auburn Hills, while photographing about 15,000 kids with Santa at a local mall.

He sold all his film cameras in 1999 as a Foveon Mentor (now owned by Sigma) and opened a filmless studio with Fuji and Epson printers. He became a color management consultant to many labs, while helping many photo studios transition from film. As PPA Magazine’s Technical Editor, he earned CPP and Craftsman Degrees in record time after doing a digital program in 1996, with lots of big names in the room. He moved on to Rangefinder Magazine for the same duties, adding Print Competition Judging and Speaking to his repertoire.

As an annual speaker at WPPI, his overcrowded SRO master class on digital photography in 2003 saw many early adopters in attendance. In 2004, over 600 people showed up for his first digital platform with only 250 seats, with people standing against walls and sitting on the floor. It was then he introduced the ExpoDisc to the world by doing a live shoot on stage. In 2008, opening to over 1,000 photographers, he created images with pullbacks about studio and outdoor lighting techniques for digital photography. He later designed flash and LED video light for an underwater photo company. Now he’s back to teach everyone some valuable lessons in how to Master and Control Pixels from Click to Print, no matter the subject or client.