Daniel Livingstone

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Commercial Fitness & Wellness

My name is Daniel Livingstone and I am a commercial fitness & wellness photographer based in Chicago, IL. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Columbia College Chicago along with 7 years of experience in the world of photography. My work focuses on the reality of fitness and wellness showcasing a diverse range of talent in a style that makes the audience feel a sense of intensity, movement, and most importantly, fun.

My journey in fitness content began in 2021 when I decided to take on a healthier lifestyle in an effort to improve my own mental health. After fully immersing myself in the culture of fitness, I pivoted my entire business into that industry. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients including the Chicago Bulls, UFC Gyms, Studio Three, and a myriad of local trainers who contribute to Chicago’s incredibly¬†talented and supportive community.
Sponsored by V Flat World, AfterShoot, and Skylum