Eric Eggly

  • Advertising Photographer

Eric Eggly is 30-plus years into a career he loves. Love clearly, magically, joyously, exquisitely, painfully, humorously and artfully always shows. Eric is provocative without the heavy hand of provocation. Eric is dramatic without the drama.

Eric is a master photographer without the need to prove it. Choices of perspective, the use of light vs. shadow and unexpected manipulations of environments are just a few of the elements that distinguish Eric’s work beyond the horde. Directing with respect, positivity and passion is a given for Eric. What takes Eric’s direction to another level is an inherent sense of style and an ability to coax the best (or if needed, the worst) out of a subject or situation.

Organizations and companies, like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, VW, Converse, University of Michigan, Honeywell, La-Z-Boy and the Detroit Red Wings.

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