Kakievious Phillips

Jakievious Phillips

  • Sprout Studio Ambassador

From the historic Montgomery, AL, and currently residing in Columbus, OH, Jakievious Phillips entered the world of Photography and with finding his passion for Headshots, Lifestyle-Branding, and Senior Photography in 2018. Best known for his energy and smile that will light and command any environment that he enters and is also known for his creativity with how he cultivates contact light within his photography business.

Shortly after starting to attend Photography/Videography conferences & workshops, he saw and analyzed that there was a topic that was bypassed at a majority of 90% of the conferences held within the USA; the business aspect of the photography environment. In his words “Business Aesthetics + the CRM”(Client-Relationship Management). Within recent years, now an ambassador for an intuitive and autonomous all-in-one CRM platform called “Sprout Studio.” Not only is he utilizing Sprout Studio to command his environment but teaching how to get your professional business email, email signatures, shared team emails, website design, etc.

Now it’s time to dive into business aesthetics along with my new motto “Let’s elevate to alleviate”! Not just the ordinary but intuitive.

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