Jared Platt

  • Adobe Lightroom Track Speaker

Jared Platt is an international wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer and photographic lecturer.  Jared began his studies in photography in documentary and landscapes, but today you will find his images are a perfect blend of the three genres, landscape, documentary, and portraiture.  You can find him teaching photography, lighting and photo editing at online and at international photo conferences around the globe. Jared has been teaching photography and consulting photographers and the industry for over 20 years and has been a working photographer for the last quarter century. Jared will change your understanding of photography and put you on the path to your very best work.  Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him whenever you get the chance.


  • Adobe Lightroom Track: Exciting Ways to Share Images with Your Clients

    2:00-3:00pm Exciting Ways to Share Images with Your Clients: How often do you get the opportunity to learn how to save time and money and make your clients happier at the same time? Learn how to use interactive proofing that will thrill your clients and make your job easier! Jared Platt will take you through […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Track: The Economics of Photography

    9:00-10:00am The Economics of Photography: Keep your business even in hard times. Jared Platt has been in business as a photographer for 25 years. But it hasn’t all been easy going. From growing a business in college, to surviving the crash of 2008, to pivoting with the market shifts, Jared has not only been through […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Track: Mobile Photography and Adobe Lightroom

    2:00-3:00pm Mobile Photography and Adobe Lightroom: Be ready to be brilliant whenever creativity strikes with the best possible tools at your fingertips. Join Jared Platt as you learn how to use Adobe Lightroom on your phone or tablet and capture awesome images and edit them wherever you happen to be. You’ll also learn how to […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Track: Fast and Efficient Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom

    9:00-10:00am Fast and Efficient Photo Editing in Adobe Lightroom: Photo editing is costing you money! Let Jared Platt show you how to speed up your photo retouching workflow. Learn how to use the latest technology in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to get your editing done in no time so you can get out from behind […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Track: Studio Portrait Lighting and Tethered Shooting

    2:00-4:30pm Studio Portrait Lighting and Tethered Shooting: Make the most of your time. Learn how to make the most of your portrait sessions with live interactive tethering AND learn solid, foolproof portrait lighting techniques at the same time. Jared Platt, Profoto Legend of Light and Adobe Lightroom guru, will walk you through the process of […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Track: Tame Your Portrait Workflow in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

    9:00-10:00am Tame Your Portrait Workflow in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop: Learn how to make your workflow work for you. Jared Platt will show you how to design the most efficient and foolproof workflow with Adobe Lightroom and the Adobe Creative Cloud. 10:00-11:00am Office Hours Jared Platt has set aside dedicated work time to answer your […]