Jenny Elaine

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Jenny Elaine is a multi award winning, internationally published beauty and boudoir photographer operating out of Southern Wisconsin serving the the midwest and the world. She specializes in fusing contemporary portraits with fashion photography for the everyday client helping them release their true selves through the images she creates. She is the ultimate hype girl for her clients and creates an intimate one on one session from planning to purchase. Whether it’s maternity, senior, wedding or boudoir, she tailors the entire experience for each person that comes through her studio.

She used her strong business background to lay the foundation that would help launch her journey as a professional after being a hobbyist photographer for ten years. Originally operating her studio out of her home, she quickly outgrew that basement studio and opened a full service luxury beauty and boudoir studio. With her business acumen, strong customer service background and desire to achieve her goal of developing her own brand, she has been able to grow into not only a sustainable business, but a thriving one. In just three years, Jenny Elaine has gone from startup to six figures. With a passion for learning new techniques, business practices, and tweaks to take your photography business to the next destination, Jenny loves to share her knowledge and experiences with other photographers in a down-to-earth and easy-to-execute way.

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