Josh Russell

  • Wedding | Portrait

Josh Russell is a portrait and commercial photographer from Kaukauna, WI. Josh has been in the photography industry for over a decade and focuses his work around dramatic and creative portraits, corporate headshots and marketing photography.

His knowledge of off camera flash and high speed sync is what sets him apart from others. Josh Russell runs a full time photography studio as well as traveling nation wide photographing, filming tutorials and behind the scenes videos his YouTube channel and teaching on his online class, the “PhotogNation.”

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    The session is sponsored by: Westcott As a wedding photographer we get very little time with our couples. In this class Josh will show you how he quickly and smoothly moves from location to location in order to capture as many photos as possible without taking up too much time on a precious day. You […]

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    The session is sponsored by: Westcott Once the sun goes down, the city streets are our playground. Josh will show you have to use a mixture of ambient light and OCF to create some epic BANGERS! In this class you will learn the skills to create urban downtown portraits that will look amazing on any […]