Kelly & Kalina Schneider

  • Fine Art Portrait Photography

PPA Photographic Craftsmen, Certified Professional Photographer

Kelly was born and raised in Coronado, California, and eventually moved to Oregon, where he lived until he joined the US Navy in 1980. During his 29-year Navy career, Kelly traveled to 137 countries.  While doing so, he developed a passion for “capturing” the world around him through photography.

In 2010, Kelly expanded into professional photography, photographing weddings and growing and refining his skills in creating “salient” portraits.

While starting his family photography business, Kelly was also busy working for Department of Defense as  manpower and training lead for various programs, including the Nuclear Carrier CVN78 FORD Class.  Over time, he became passionate about teaching others and earned a Master’s Training Specialist  as well as a master’s degree in Human System Integration from the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California.

He strongly believes in constant learning and attends two to three workshops/events each year.

He is currently writing his first book on photography, “The Salient Portrait—The Science Behind It and How to Achieve It.” The information he shares in the book is the core of all the workshops and training events he offers.

Kelly was named Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2017 by Maryland Professional Photographers Association and again in 2018 in the state of Maryland.

He is also a recipient of the 2018 FujiFilm Masterpiece Award and FujiFim Wedding Photographer of the Year.

First Place with WPPI First Half 2019 – Boudoir Category.

Kalina was born and raised in Poland.  Even at a young age, she was interested in visual arts, drawing, and painting, and she eventually earned a master’s degree in Art History and Cultural Studies from Silesian University.  She had several successful exhibitions in Katowice, her hometown.

After finishing college, Kalina took a sabbatical and worked as a travel agent in Turkey.  In 2000, she moved to London to study English.  While there, she had a short love affair with fashion and started her own fashion line.

In 2006, Kalina moved to the Kingdom of Bahrain to work for their flagship airline.  While in the Middle East, she met and married her husband, Kelly Schneider.  Kalina’s passion for art combined with Kelly’s love of world travel ignited their mutual interest in photography.

After moving to the United States Kalina helped Kelly run a successful landscape photography studio, but the desire to sell prints at local studios soon faded as the world of portraiture brought a new life and vision to their work.

Today, Kelly and Kalina specialize in fine art portraiture photography in South West Florida and they teach photography at workshops and on photo safaris in the United States and Europe.

Kalina is a member of Professional Photographers of America and the Maryland Professional Photographers Association.  She was awarded Professional Photographer of the Year in 2018 by Maryland Professional Photographers Association and Professional Artist Photographer of the year in 2018 in the state of Maryland.

Other awards:

Honors of Excellence – WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photography International): Silver Award for Portrait Contemporary Composite.

Sliver Award for Individual 2019 First Half.

Sliver Award for Individual 2019 First Half.

Award of Excellence with MPI (Master Photographers International) 2019 for Portrait Story (Non child).

Honorable Mention with IPA Lucie Awards