Melanie Seleman


Melanie is a Professional Boudoir Photographer proudly serving the St. Louis area with the premiere boudoir experience since 2018. Through a passion for photography and a calling to help people realize their immediate worth and value she has cultivated a strong business presence helping folks in St. Louis and beyond to truly believe in their beauty.

She takes pride in creating a unique and personal experience for every person who steps foot into her studio – from the moment they inquire, through the time leading up to their session, on the session day, and beyond. She has spent years creating a space that is safe and nurturing for all and her secondary passion is teaching and assisting other photographers in finding their way to create a safe space of their own through individual mentorship as well as small group settings. She does not believe in the “rules” that you need to have a specific style of photography. That you can only be a dark and moody or light and airy photographer.

She is here to support and help you as you discover your style, whether it’s one or a mix of whatever you’re in the mood for that day! When not in the studio Melanie loves cooking, crystals, and spending time outdoors with her two American Corgis, Sprinkle and Sprout.