Sherry Hagerman

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Sherry Hagerman, Founder of ClickCon and Allusion Photography, has been a professional photographer for 18 years with her average wedding client being $15-$20k. Sherry has won several awards in her industry including “Best in the Midwest” for the past 10 years, “Best Wedding Studio in the United States” for 3 consecutive years. She was announced in July of 2017 as one of the Top 7  Wedding Photographers in the United States and Top 6 in the World in January 2018. Her images have been published in major art publications, multiple magazines, newspapers, and her company has been covered in both the National & International Media. Sherry prides herself in giving back to the photography community through training and donation of her time to local charities. “I am a firm believer in educating those that want to succeed. If I can train photographers how to run a great business and offer the right advice, we can all put a higher value on what we do and bring back photography as an art.”

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