Amber Henry

Wedding | Portrait

    Michigan based wedding and portrait photographer Amber Henry and her award-winning studio Amber Henry Photography documents its clients’ most cherished life moments. Amber’s creative, romantic and stylized images have been featured in magazines, websites, and published around the world. Amber has  been a professional photographer for over 15 years, taking huge pride in offering her clients the type of highly unique and very romantic wedding and portrait photography they desire.

    “I was born to be a photographer. I know people throw around the word ‘passion’, but that really would be the best word for it. When I was young my friends and I would sneak into stores to try on dresses we couldn’t afford, then I would put them in ‘model-esq’ poses and take photos on my little film camera, before we hung the clothes back up and left. I would spend my last pennies to develop the film and give them to my friends as gifts. ..I never thought one day it would become my whole world!”

    A single mother of three sons, Amber started from the absolute bottom and grew her studio from the ground up. She knew the years of perseverance, watching Creative Live while editing in a tiny apartment while her boys slept, and spending weekends at photo conferences while her peers hit the clubs would one day pay off.  “I remember having $-23 in my bank account, two little children at home and the sudden realization that it was entirely up to me if I was going to continue pushing forward in an over saturated market, or work a 9-5 that would destroy my soul slowly. I chose life.”

    “I love my job. Like, I LOVE MY JOB. How I get to be so happy and so creative and actually be paid for it is still incredible to me! I’ve always desired to pass on what I have learned and so I started teaching small classes in my studio,  including one-on-one mentor-ship programs, and an online group exclusive to Michigan based photographers.  I want to train and give encouraging advice to those who are where I started. You absolutely can be successful in this industry, and what is more, the industry NEEDS you to be! We need to keep the love, passion and high regard for our craft alive. Future generations are depending on us to do so.”

    Amber is a proud ambassador of supporter of MagMod. She will be presenting at their booth at WPPI this winter. She has also been featured as a spotlight photographer for PPA Magazine and Fearless Photographers, and has taught for the Detroit chapter of PPA.