Bob Coates

Digital Artist

    There’s no getting around it. I LOVE photography.

    A friend once said, “ I’ll bet you have more pixels swimming around in your veins the you have red and white blood cells!” I’m going to guess that’s what comes from living, sleeping, eating, and breathing the photographic process.

    It’s all about being and staying creative. I ‘Specialize in not Specializing’ because I’ve found that each genre of photography informs the next. For example, my experimentation in creating original digital art has been working it’s way into my commercial images. This gives me the ability to add more depth and dimension to the images I create. That can really help your images jump off of the page, whether it be in a magazine, newspaper, collateral material, or your website. You only have a moment to capture attention in this busy, image-laden world and solid imagery helps get your message across to your clients quickly.

    I came to photography because I would take a business to a certain level and the challenge would be gone. I hate being bored. After twenty-plus years as a pro-photographer, I still find excitement in learning new ways to push those pixels around. I guess that’s why my clients trust me to take their product and personality images to the next level. I put the same effort into a business portrait that I would into a product shoot or art project.

    I am constantly pushing the envelope to get more depth and dimension into my imagery. Sometimes that means testing the limits of new camera technology or pushing software beyond the uses for which it was designed.

    If I were to describe my photography business in ten words or less it would be, “I make people, places, and products look better than good!”