Miles Witt Boyer

Photography and Brand Marketing

    Living life, loving light, and helping amazing people remember simple little moments. Drinking coffee and wine, laughing with a beautiful wife, running with two charming little boys, traveling with a Fujifilm camera and not wasting a single second.

    I’m never sure how to really write these things in first person and the reason for that is simple. I’m not just “Miles Witt Boyer” – I’m Miles. I, along with my wife and with a team of really creative people founded a Photographic Collective under my name a number of years ago and with their help we’ve done some exciting things.  I’ve shot events in 39 states and quite a few countries now, been published as an editorial and wedding photographer in over a dozen magazines and books along with several covers and taught commercial photography at John Brown University.  In 2015 I launched a workshop series called “lightHEARTED” and began training photographers in brand marketing and refining their view of light and client interactions  and through it all found a real love for helping people in my industry understand the power behind telling their own stories.

    Photography isn’t just a list of accomplishments to me, though I’m proud to say I have accomplished a lot in my 12 years doing this full time. A camera has become my way of expressing myself and adding value to the brands and clients who hire me. My connection with my clients means a lot to me and because of that I’ve spent my career digging into the psychology behind what they’re going through while also teaching myself to see available light in unique ways. I love the authentic, love the gritty stuff, I’m not afraid of a little noise in an image, and I rarely complain about sitting in the cheap seats.  The truth is, that for all I have seen and accomplished, there is still so much more I plan to do and if I had to sum myself up in a bio I’d simply say that I’m Miles and I am just as hungry for new adventures now as I was the day I picked up a camera.