Richard Kefgen

Architectural & Street Photography

    I have been interested in photography since I was a little boy, going out with my neighborhood friends and shooting black and white photographs with my cherished Kodak Brownie film camera. We’d set up scenarios. It was a blast. That pretty much carried through until young adulthood where I did macro photography work for the Orvis Company’s catalogues and newspapers from my home studio. From that I developed into a landscape photographer using Ektachrome slide film. I would present slide shows from Yellowstone and surrounding areas to Federation of Fly Fisherman and Trout Unlimited groups. I made the transition from slide film to digital format cameras. I really appreciate the creativity that the digital format allows, between capturing the image in camera and to the final post editing software. Currently I am a photography instructor who enjoys leading photo walks and workshops.

    I am a Brand Ambassador for Vanguard and a Vanguard Pro. I am a photography instructor for National Photography Workshops, Great Lakes Photo Adventures, and also a Brand Ambassador Olympus Camera.