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    Skip Cohen

    Skip Cohen is president of Marketing Essentials International, a consulting firm specializing in photography projects. He is past president of Rangefinder Publishing Inc., where he oversaw Rangefinder and AfterCapture magazines, the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Association, and the WPPI trade show. He is founder of Skip’s Summer School, the Akron Photo Series, and co-founder of and Skip has co-authored six books on photography and can be found at

    “There’s a fundamental misconception in photographic education right now. New photographers actually believe they can learn to be a photographer just watching videos and webinars. You can no more learn to be a professional photographer sitting in front of your computer than you could learn to drive a car just watching videos.”

    So at SCU we’ve decided to do something radical. We’re going to go back to basics. To human handshakes, telephone calls, meetings that happen face-to-face in a room full of people who share a passion for photography along with all the various educational tools for online access.

    If you want to learn, you need a variety of tools – including hands-on education with outstanding instructors who know how to teach and can give you the time you need to develop your skills. Sure, we’ll do stuff online. We’ll offer webinars, blog posts and podcasts, Google Hangouts and more. But there will always be humans behind everything we offer, and a chance to interact with them in real life. You need a network of vendors and associates who help you through those challenges you face in growing your skills and business. You need the ability to customize your own program in order to grow at your own pace without waiting in lines, dealing with crowded giant ballroom programs and never feeling the intimacy of building new friendships with your peers and instructors.

    Welcome to Skip Cohen University – a place where you can get both the online education and the personal touch you need to thrive, not just survive as a professional photographer.

    SCU is an online and live photo educational resource for emerging professional photographers. It’s part of Marketing Essentials International, an educational and marketing consulting company founded by Skip Cohen. Use our contact form to reach us, call or write to us directly. Media are encouraged to visit our virtual press room to learn more about SCU.