Ohare Airport
The nearest Airport is Ohare. This is also the busiest
Airport Code: ORD
Lyft or Uber: About a 15-minute ride.

Midway Airport
Smaller and easier to navigate through.
Airport Code: MDW
Free Shuttle: From Midway to Ohare then you can Uber or Lyft from there.
Lyft or Uber: About a 30-minute ride.

Car Transportation while in Chicago
Lyft Ap: Very Safe
Uber Ap: Very Safe
Big Bus Chicago: Very Safe. This is a double decker bus that will take you up and down the loop area of Chicago all day and into the evening. You can hop on and hop off at any time. Drop off is in front of The Hilton. Tickets prices vary:
Pace Bus Chicago: This is the public bus system. Inexpensive but please know which one to get on and where you are going.
Subway System: You can photograph here but avoid getting on the subway at night.
The “L” Train System: This transportation can be difficult and confusing as there are many different lines. If you are not familiar please avoid travel.
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**As with any large city, know your surroundings and do not travel to places in which you are not familiar. We have hundreds of photo and video locations within a 5-10 minute walk in the surrounding area of the hotel. The area we are in is a tourist area and is heavily policed and safe. Please check out our recommended shooting locations on our site for great opportunities and portfolio building.
**As with any large city theft will always be a problem. You hear about these instances at ALL conferences. Travel in groups and keep your items with you at all times. Think Tank has an incredible bag with cable locks (Airport series). This is a great way to be able to set your bag down and cable lock it near by. If you do not have this option we suggest find a way to do this. This is a great concept for any and all conferences that you travel to! ClickCon nor PROCAM will be responsible for any stolen or lost items.