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ClickCon MAX

Throughout one day of total insanity, ClickCon Max takes education to the extreme! Hop on one of our tour buses while we whisk you away to some of the most amazing locations and experiences our industry has ever seen! Join speakers as they mentor attendees on how to get great images in these top locations!

ClickCon MAX Day - Friday, August 2nd - Requires MAX Day ticket!

Full Day Excursions (select 1 for the entire day)

***Max Day Excursion registration will happen in the ClickCon App on (TBA) at NOON 12:00pm Central Time!

Please note that when signing up for one of the two excursions listed below you will be involved in a full 6 to 8 hour excursion. Each has a limited number of attendees.

Black Tape Beauties - Yuma & Katarzyna Amador

Katarzyna & Yuma M Amador

Dive into the world of sensuality and creativity as we explore the iconic Black Tape. This exclusive workshop goes beyond the ordinary, offering a unique fusion of art and photography in this full day excursion. Learn the intricacies of transforming the human form into a mesmerizing masterpiece using strategically placed black tape. It’s not just a class; it’s an immersive experience into the realms of luxury and avant-garde expression. In this workshop, you will delve into the intricacies of capturing the human body as a canvas, mastering the delicate art of precise tape application for visually stunning effects. Gain valuable insights into the creation of timeless, tasteful, and elegant boudoir shots, and connect with a community of like-minded creatives within a supportive and empowering environment. Additionally, benefit from exclusive insights into maintaining professionalism and fostering a comfortable atmosphere during intimate shoots, enhancing your skills and approach to luxury boudoir photography.

Tutu Perfect - Arica Lipp

I’m breaking down and the language barriers often found between photographers and dancers! I’ll give you the cues to direct a dancer like a pro and those who register ahead will receive my digital posing cheat sheet from the organizers. You’ll also learn to pain points to look out for as you work with dancers so you can make corrections and gain the dancers trust as an expert!

Half-Day Shoot Outs (select 1 morning & 1 afternoon excursion)

***Excursion registration will happen in the ClickCon App on July 1st at 2pm Central

Please note that when signing up for the excursions listed below, you will be involved in 2 half-day excursions, each approximately three-hour shoots. All travel or access will be provided. You may select TWO different excursions from the list. Spend your day putting what you have learned all week at the conference to work for you. Meet exciting people and work with some of the most incredible designers on these one-of-a-kind shoots. These are available on a first-come basis and are limited to 40 attendees each.

Pinups w/ Roush Automotive

If you ever had the chance to work with one of the most well known car companies in the world it’s NOW! Roush Automotive will be welcoming ClickCon with roaring engines and premier pinups on this 3 hour excursion!

Angels & Demons - Sponsored By

Homespun Heart

Let light and dark in with this 3 hour session sponsored by Homespun Heart. It’s a race between light and dark powers. Will dark captivate you with their bold and powerful being or will light win you over with their airy and angelic flight? All wings will be provided by Homespun Heart.