ClickCon Conference Rules and Guidelines


  • Your safety is our concern! If at any time you do not feel safe, know that you can always call 911. If it is a non-emergency issue please proceed to the registration desk.
  • To answer any questions or for any non-emergency issues, ClickCon volunteers in orange t-shirts will be available to assist you! Just find one and let them know what you need!
  • At ClickCon, there is ZERO tolerance for bullying, for physical violence, for verbal abuse, for cyberbullying, for personal attacks, or acts of hate of any kind – in person or on social media!
  • Your ClickCon Badge must be worn at all times! We will be checking for your ClickCon Badge at all ClickCon classes, photo walks, and events (yes, even if you got in earlier and left to go to the bathroom – have your Badge with you at all times!). Your ClickCon Badge also has any applicable permit numbers printed on it – if anyone questions whether you have a permit to photograph out on the streets, in the gardens, or parks, you should show them your Badge with the permit number.
  • In case wifi access is not available (and therefore you can’t access the app), be sure to make a hard copy print out or take a screenshot of your class schedule so if somehow you can’t look it up online, you know where you’re going for your next class!
  • Please be sure to rate your speakers and classes in the APP! We welcome your comments and suggestions! Your input will help us improve!
  • We welcome comments so we can improve and make next year’s ClickCon EVEN BETTER! Write down your comments or suggestions and drop them in the Comment Box at the ClickCon Registration desk. We want to hear what you like or didn’t like.
  • Stay hydrated and fed – it is summer and we don’t want any of our attendees fainting or needing medical intervention because they forgot to eat or replenish with hydrating fluids!
  • Check the weather so you can pack accordingly and be prepared for your outdoor classes or photo walks.
  • Our group on Facebook, “ClickCon Social,” is the place to be for anyone interested in ClickCon, and photography in general! Once you’ve purchased a ticket or are otherwise attending ClickCon (model, HMUA, volunteer, vendor, speaker), be sure to join “ClickCon Creatives” — it’s for conference participants only! ClickCon Social & ClickCon Creatives are means of communication throughout the whole year – if you’re not part of the group yet, go request to join now! We will also be posting contests and giveaways on ClickCon Social – you won’t want to miss out!
  • REMEMBER – our ClickCon APP is the sole means of communication with everyone during the conference! If there are any real-time updates to classes or photo walks, this is where we will be posting! Be sure you have the app and are familiar with using it! Additional posts might be made on FB in ClickCon Creatives by attendees, but ClickCon STAFF (Directors & volunteers) will ONLY post updates on our app!
  • All models, HMUA, and stylists should be a part of the ClickCon Creatives Facebook group – this is where photographers may try to reach out to interested parties when putting together meetups or photoshoots outside of ClickCon (these may take place during the week of the conference, or throughout the year at times outside of that week)
  • DO NOT LOSE YOUR CLICKCON BADGE!!! The replacement cost is $100.
  • Be sure you have our ClickCon app and USE IT! Daily agendas, class and Photowalk schedules, hotel maps, local maps, as well as pictures of the entire ClickCon team are in the app! I
  • Wagons or other large rolling carts are not allowed on the Trade Show floor, as space is very limited! Smaller classrooms may also not have enough room to accommodate large carts or wagons for each class attendee.
  • Given the limited aisle space on the Trade Show floor, we are strongly advising against tripods or light stands. Our shooting bays already have lights set up and there are triggers for you to use! For photoshoots and outdoor shoots, remember that you have to carry your gear, so consider lightweight or travel tripods or light stands.
  • Never leave your gear, bag, or electronics unattended! ClickCon will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damages to your gear during the conference. Be vigilant at all times, as our expensive gear makes us targets.
  • There is safety in numbers – for photographers, models, stylists, speakers, and attendees! Find a buddy! And don’t lose them! Collectively, you have more eyes to watch your gear, to watch your surroundings, and to watch out for each other!
  • Make the most of the opportunity to network and connect with people! And not just in person, though you should introduce yourself and get their name. But connect on social media! Ask about their professional page – follow their IG, their FB page, and send them a friend request! And ask them to follow your social media as well!
  • While at the conference, don’t forget to snap a few selfies to share on social media! Our fancy cameras are awesome but at times, you can’t beat a mobile phone with a camera and instant access to posting on social media! Don’t forget to tag #ClickCon2024
  • At no time during ClickCon are any monies to be exchanged from model to attendee/speaker for any shoots that are set up independently outside of ClickCon classes and photo walks. The models have signed contracts with ClickCon for the duration of the conference, only for ClickCon classes, photo walks, and events!
  • A refresher or a gentle reminder for all photographers and videographers… When you are behind the camera, it is easy to get lost in thought doing your thing to the point that you forget all about photographer etiquette! Please be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Don’t leave your gear bag in an area when others will be tripping over it. Be mindful of others near or behind you who are also trying to shoot the models. Watch your elbows and other body parts, don’t jump around, stand up quickly, or move around a lot, as that may put you directly in front of someone else’s shot. If you get a prime location for a great shot of the model (yay!!!), be polite and allow others the same opportunity once you’ve gotten your shot. Don’t take up a prime shooting space to review the photos you have shot – step aside and let other photographers step in that spot.
  • While we are all here to learn, share, and improve as artists, please remember that you own the rights to your images. Using another person’s work and passing it off as your own is STEALING. Taking another person’s finished image and manipulating it in any way to then use it for your purposes is a violation of a photographer’s copyright and ownership of their images. If someone has shared their work with you, you are not allowed to crop their image to remove their watermark (or worse yet, crop off their watermark and try to pass it off as your own). When in doubt as to whether something is allowable or not, contact the photographer whose image it is and ask them! 
  • When working with a model, remember basic etiquette! Never touch a model. Use your words to direct them into the pose you envision or try to show them pose yourself; if you feel you need to physically position the model, do not touch them without asking their permission first!
  • Respect the locations and environment you are in for shoots – don’t climb on things, don’t destroy property, don’t put your model in harm’s way. If you move something for your shot, move it back when you’re done. Local Police can and will arrest you if you damage public property.
  • If you haven’t already read some of the posts on ClickCon Social with tips for 1st-time conference attendees or beginner photographers, please go look at them – there’s a lot of great info that’s already been posted!