Carly Sullens

  • Art Photographer | Digital Painter

Carly Sullens is a St. Louis based professional art photographer, artist, digital painter, and an educator. With a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy, a life-long practice in the fine arts, and a career as a professional photographer, Carly uncovered a unique opportunity in the emerging field of fine art photography.

With her truly unique blend of creative skills, educational background and technical expertise, Carly identified an outlet for her passion in teaching. A natural educator, she eloquently guides photo enthusiasts to listen to their innermost thoughts and desires, and channel those into their creations through artistically-manipulated digital means. Carly’s techniques and methods help photographers push the boundaries of human creativity and transform their images into emotion-evoking fine art masterpieces.

Carly’s unapologetic love for the post-production artistry is rooted deeply within her intricate knowledge of artistic media, material texture, brushstroke composition and painting techniques. While her diverse set of creative skills and professional accolades earns the trust of her clients, it is her empathetic nature, and witty and bubbly personality that wins their hearts.

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